callar enferma

To shut up, is to get ill

When my silent voice makes my body sick...

At the Gubel Institute for Hypnotic, Psychotherapic and Psychosomatic Research and Teaching explain:

“When the relationship between the body and the mind armony is disrupted due to unpleasant emotions, negative feelings, vital cycle or high incidence emotional situations that generates stress, an impact is inevitably produce, that may be represented in the form of psychosomatic symptoms or diseases.”

And, in a therapeutic place, this sign is shown:

Many times:

The cold “leaks” when the body doesn´t cry. The sore throat “clogs up” when we can not communicate our aflictions. The stomach burns when anger can not goes out. Diabetes invades when lonelyness hurts. The body puts on weight when dissatisfaction grips. Headache causes depression when doubts increase.  The heart loosens when the meaning of life seems to end out. Alergy appears when perfectionism is intolerable. Nails crack when defenses are threatened. The chest tightens when pride enslaves.  Blood pressure raises  when fear imprisons. Neurosis paralize when the inner child is a tyrant. Feber heats when defenses explode the borders of immunity.

Which little tragedies are you muting? How is your body expressing it? 

There is a little inner voice, that from our deepest desires, it dares to wisper in our ears what we want to answer, what we would like to do, whom we would like to completely ignore. But, many times, social mandates decree to supress this voice. And, what is not express with the lips, is express with the skin, with the inner organs, with the bones, the blood, the soul.


Sometimes, with the best intention, friends and family can’t manage to understand us deeply, and effort give advices that can not always answer to that voice that impels as to do other things. That’s why is sometimes necessary to know whom to talk, where, when, how and what for. 


It’s necesary to be accompany to organize our ideas, return balance to our nervous system and emotions, to recover our lost paradise along with the possibility of being happy. 


And there is a willpower we need to encourage, if we want it, for the changes to happen and the body begins to cure all its areas. There is a will that is flattened on a sofa that needs to be shaken so that we can  exchange sorrow by happiness for our lives. 


But at the same time, it is not about expressing all that we feel without considering the emotional impact on others. 


Dr. Graciela Moreschi, a psychiatrist from the National University of Buenos Aires, believes that just as it is useless to contain anger, it is also not useful to turn it into a vengeful persecution against whoever provoked it, not only because it would make our relationships worse, but also because the aim is lost. Whoever chases their opponent shifts their focus of attention to him and loses sight of the primary objective, which is to feel good about what we think, say and act.
It is not easy to balance the scales. But it’s worth a try, when it comes to health. So many apples in the saucer of my opinions and desires, and so many apples in that of respect for the other, which is part of the whole that I inhabit. Because if my relationship with others gets sick, possibly my skin will express it if I don’t understand: it will cause me to itch, an allergy, eczema or simple redness.


So today I propose to make the most careful of silences. So that in that oasis you can hear again what your silent screams once dared to tell you and you played deaf. And think again if you listened to that voice that told you why you serve, what you do better at, what makes you feel fulfilled. It is never too late to open your ears and expand them, turn your lost steps back and take that route that you avoided and that can now take you to the beach you dreamed of.

 By María Susana Huber

Professor in Literature and Psychological Counseling

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