The power of words

Words have power
I teach you... and we learn

The words we told ourselves and those we say to other people have the power to destroy or to build. We can tear down a person’s dream or encourage him or her to move forward. Words are action: when we speak, we not only say things, When we spell the words we assert, state, threaten, disqualify, insult, encourage. Dare!, let me teach you all I have learned about the power of words, and I know that both of us will learn more.  We are linguistic beings. Our whole communications are through the words we are used to hear that are rich in history. 


  • Claudia Liliana Alonso

    Soy Claudia Liliana Alonso, Traductora de Inglés, Profesora en Informática, Especialista en Docencia Universitaria, Especialista en Educación y TICs, Diseñadora Web, Diplomada en Educación Emocional, Diplomada en Neuroeducación para el Aprendizaje.

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