How can we build a better life?

Daring to the adventure of designing our personal roadmap may lead us to the destiny we have always dreamt

The words we say are originated in our thoughts and beliefs, and generate emotions that lead us to action. These actions make our destiny. 

ATP Internacional online is a bilingual space where those professionals who are dedicated to an integral therapeutic accompaniment may find all kind of material related to the different spheres of an individual developement. This site is also ideal for those who want to begin the path towards self knowledge and transformation. Different accesses to universal and ancient wisdoms, shared by different areas of science, are enriched with the diverse proposals of other complementary trends. Blogs, posts, tales, courses, videos, seminars, webinars and conferences related with personal transformation intertwine and generates synergy.
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Transformation is possible

I realize that if I were stable and steady and static, I would be living death. So I accept confusion and uncertainty and fear and emotional highs and lows because they are the price I willingly pay for a flowing, perplexing, exciting life.
Carl Rogers

How can we help you in your transformation?

Transformative Schools

Schools which are specialized in different areas and modalities that encourage personal development and transformation.

Personalized Consulting

Personal accompaniment on precise goals by trained professionals from different disciplines. 

Tales and Meditations for Relax and healing

Tales about personal developement. Analysis guide through personal metaphors and writing proposals. Guided meditations with different purposes.

Packed and Virtual Courses

Digital courses that you can do at your own pace. As well as virtual classes if you prefer sharing of ideas or you need a more guided learning 

E-books for Transformation

Tales, essays and opinion articles about the challenges a person must face in the search of the self and his/her life purpose .

Technological Tools for Development

Tools and tips to eliminate technophobe and technological stress. And so achieve the use of these strategies  in an intelligent and confident way. 

Latest posts

Did you know it is possible to help our thoughts to create a different reality just by changing them?

24 May 2021

Do what you like

to shut up is to get ill

25 May 2021

If you shut up you get sick

moana verde

Begin now:

If not now… when? If not here…where? To start just beging moving: 3 seconds of bravery are needed to take the first step. If you listen to yourself what you are telling me, you will feel encouraged to dare a lot more. This is our confidential space, without judgements, of unconditional acceptance of your being, the way you are being now. Because only if you accept what you are today, the magic of transformation begins.

I ask you:


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