Healthy balance for a fullfilled life

Time of the annual balance.

To analyze how much in debit and how much in credit. How many losses. And how many profits. What is the balance
Analyzing significant losses implies thinking about how many people we did not greet, how many we did not listen to or help, who left away from our company and how many left us permanently because another heaven awaited them. How many mistakes not to make again, how many falls into the pit of desolation to climb and get out into the fresh air of the newly born morning. How many times pride spoke, and we did not ask for forgiveness. And the words were darts to the heart of the other, devoid of tenderness… Or criticism was filled with old poison to open new wounds. How many times discouragement won us over and we didn’t do it. And we start again and give up halfway. How many broken promises, betrayals to the best friend’s trust. Unnecessary infidelities. How many wrong investments to resignify them and optimize learning.


Because that’s what the gains are about: how much we learned from the times we fell and managed to get up. Whom we reconciled with and forgot the faults or previous offenses. How many friends we expressly invited home with a mate or a barbecue. How grateful we were to those who in any way offered us hands and bridges. New births, rewarded jobs, unexpected surprises. How many disturbing beliefs we threw into the trash can, how many negative thoughts changed color and turned into positive energy. Projects undertaken, hands outstretched, a new journey, dreamy landscapes, sunsets over the river. An old friend reappeared in the chat, a phone call for the birthday from someone we least expected. That is winning, it is adding, it is increasing self-confidence because we were the protagonists of a sometimes imperceptible but real success.


Because that’s what profits are about, too. If we do not recognize the changes, no matter how small they may be, we will never feel that we are moving forward. And it is not worth jumping out of the window of the train that takes us, if we are going to be permanently wondering if we can get anywhere on this rail. For that reason, many people have not arrived yet.


In this proposed sense, the balance is always positive.


Because we have lived and experienced, although many experiences are based on our own pain and that of others. Although the body has complained at the wrong time because we have not listened to it and it gave us a tumor, an allergy, an addiction. While we are alive, there is time to stop and analyze the tracks, take another shortcut, completely change course, put into operation the ideas already amassed for so long. There is still time to be flexible to think that a better life is possible, that speaking and acting on time is better than regretting later. And if we can’t do it alone, let´s ask for help in time to change the glass with which we look at life.


Final balance: Positive balance. Sign it. You were the accountant of your own accounts.

 By María Susana Huber

Professor in Literature and Psychological Counseling

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