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María Susana Huber

I am a Psychological Consultant, Professional Ontological Coach with international certification and Literature Teacher.

I graduated as a Professor of Literature to inmerse myselfe into the vast world of Literature and Language. I fell in love with the narrative of paper characters and then real flesh and blood beings. Thus I followed the path of Psychological Consulting to learn how to accompany the pain and hope of those who dare to dive into the labyrinths of the mind th get fresh air. Professional Onthological Coaching allowed me to train myself to be a companion along the way and encourage others to set their goals and commit to working to achieve them.

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Claudia Liliana Alonso

I am a Computer Science Teacher, with a diploma in Emotional Education, a diploma in Neuroeducation for learning, a Specialist in University Teaching and a Technical-Literary and Scientific Translator of English.

Tireless seeker of knowledge, I was trained in different areas that enable me to see life from several perspectives. Since my beginnings in computer science, I have been passionate about Information Technology, which allowed me to unleash my imagination and creativity. And this passion awakened in me the need to delve into the social and human aspects that technological advances bring with them. 

In this site you will enjoy from Transforming Schools, personal consulting, a blog with readings for self development, packed courses, e-books for transformation, relax and healing meditation, family constellations, and much more.
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  • Claudia Liliana Alonso

    Soy Claudia Liliana Alonso, Traductora de Inglés, Profesora en Informática, Especialista en Docencia Universitaria, Especialista en Educación y TICs, Diseñadora Web, Diplomada en Educación Emocional, Diplomada en Neuroeducación para el Aprendizaje.

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